The Best Ab Workouts for Women who want a Flat, Sexy Stomach

Ab workouts for women are useful in so many ways. Not only are they useful for core strength for performing daily tasks and a healthy way of living, but they can help you look and feel better. Ab workouts for women are a bit different than those for men, since men are capable of resisting to more pressure and lifting more weight.

Before heading to the mat and performing ab exercises on your own, you must know that the most efficient way for you to reach the desired results is to have a personal trainer create a personalized program that can help you get results faster and perform the ab exerciser properly. Also, you must take into consideration that no abs exercises will ever create wonders unless they are accompanied by a {healthy diet|healthy nutrition plan|healthy meal plan} and first fat burning exercises. Below are some examples of easy ab workouts for women that you can perform at home by yourself that will target the upper and lower abdominal muscles.

Basic and reverse crunches are a great idea and a good start when it comes to ab workouts for women. The first type is dedicated to the stimulation of the upper abs. If you have never been involved in sports and exercises, it is best to start off with these ones. All you have to do is to lie on the ground and bend your knees to a point where your feet are still touching the ground completely; your hands must be placed on your chest. Then you have to raise your shoulders to touch your knees. Makes sure the sole of your feet never leaves the ground.

Reverse crunches are aimed at working your lower abs. Lay on the floor just as you would when performing normal abs – only this time the goal is to bend the knees close to the chest (without touching it, though) and raise the hips while doing so. Remember not to stress yourself out the first few times, because these workouts are difficult if you have no previous practice.

Scissors exercises are another great way to stay in shape and get the flat stomach you have always dreamed of. The key is to lift your legs alternately in order to have one leg pointing straight to the ceiling and the other down to the sides.  While you are at it, this particular exercise could also be combined with leg stretching. Leg Stretches will require you to lie down and, while your legs are fully stretched, raise them about 10 inches off the ground and then lower them without touching the floor. This last exercise will help you work on the love handles and belly fat below the belly while the first is aimed at your inner thighs, as well as the lower part of your abdominals.

The bicycle is one of the more popular ab workouts for women.  Although this is designed especially for women to enhance the six-pack and waist, some men also perform this activity. The goal of this exercise is to enhance the core (rectus abdominis) and obliques (waist) as ab exercises are not guaranteed to eliminate fat. This is done by lying on the back with both hands supporting the back of the head; the left knee is pulled to the chest while the right is stretched and the shoulders are slightly off the floor. While in this position the movement should be alternated – left shoulder pulling up, right knee pulling to the chest and left leg stretched out. The first few actions can be painful at first but it gets better as you perfect the technique and get stronger.

Ab workouts are effective when done 2-3 times per week and matched with a good diet. For women especially, getting a better figure always comes with a proper diet. It does not have to be one of those fad diet programs though. A well balanced diet is the way to go. Even the workouts do not have to be entirely targeted for the abdominals. General exercises for women often work the whole body which is more favorable for fat loss for women.  These are just a couple of examples of ab workouts for women, so if you have worn them out, remember to consult a trainer, which can provide you with more exercises that lead to the body you have always wanted for yourself.

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