Foods To Burn Belly Fat – 3 different types

 Foods To Burn Belly Fat – 3 different types

Can you really eat particular foods to burn belly fat specifically? Plain and simple, no. Spot fat reduction
(the act in which you target the fat in a particular part of your body), be it through exercise or your
diet is not possible.

Still, armed with the right diet and exercise plan, you will burn fat – the stubborn belly fat included.

Today’s article will focus on what foods you should eat to burn fat. After all, it is your diet that
influences the bulk of your weight loss results. So without further adieu, here are 3 types of foods to
burn belly fat that you can incorporate in your diet today.

Foods that burn belly fat #1 – Protein-Packed Goodness

FACT: Digesting protein is a long, tiresome process. This is due to the complex make-up of protein
rich food. So what does this mean to you?

Simply put, the higher effort required to breakdown these food sources translates to more calories
being burned. Good news, isn’t it? Oh… And did I mention that the higher protein intake will also
simultaneously speed up muscle recovery after a long, tiring workout?

Some great sources of protein are chicken breast, turkey breast, nuts, and of course… fish.

Foods that burn belly fat #2 – Fiber-Fillers

For a long time, the common consensus among the medical folks was that fiber only had a job in
scaring off constipation. But more recent research, conducted by nutritionists, has shown that fiber
plays an important role in preventing hunger pains as well.

Naturally, this is good news for you. After all, one of your worst enemies in your quest to shave off
the excess fat is the dreaded snack cravings.

So while not directly involved in the actual fat burning, fiber-rich foods work in a preventative
manner. Fruits and vegetables will lead the way of course.

Foods that burn belly fat #3 – Metabolic Boosters

Virtually every fitness instructor will tell you that to get the most out of your cardio workout, you
should opt for high intensive exercises. The reason? You see, high intensity workouts speed up your
metabolism. And the faster your metabolic rate, the more calories you end up burning.

The cool thing is that you can translate this concept to your diet as well. There are certain foods that
undergo particular chemical reactions which end up boosting your metabolic rate. And you already
know what that does, don’t you? Yep, these foods help you burn more fat.

Here are a few fat burning foods that speed up your metabolic rate:

1) Spicy peppers (Jalapenos, for example, trigger the body’s reactant to pain because of the
capsaicin – temporarily boosting your metabolism… for up to 3 hours)

2) Brown rice (unlike it’s “white” cousin, brown rice stabilizes insulin levels – hence increasing
your metabolic rate)
3) Green tea (More specifically, the green tea extract is responsible for the increased
4) Apples (Not only do apples speed up your metabolism, they also keep hunger pains at bay)
5) Oranges (Citrus fruits in general reduce insulin levels – most likely due to the vitamin C they
contain – which boost metabolic rates)

So there you go: 3 fantastic foods to burn belly fat which are easily available in supermarkets.
There’s virtually no reason why you can’t move to the healthier diet you’ve been thinking about

I have customized meal plans available for you that will help you dial in your food intake and reach your fitness goals.


+Brad Scott

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