3 Core Exercises For Men That Rip Your Abs Into Shape… Or Die Trying

Core Exercises For Men That Rip Your Abs Into Shape… Or Die Trying

Core exercises for men to rip your abs into shape

Ah, abs. The one muscle group virtually
every guy is dying to flaunt. It’s been said that he who possesses washboard abs has free access to
all that is good in this world – Penelope Cruz included. So to help you get lucky with her, I’ve decided
to put together 3 core exercises for men. They’ll leave you in pure agony, Put in the effort though,
and you’ll be left with rock solid 6-pack abs (and Penelope just might call you). Here are 3 core exercises for men

that will help you get ripped abs. Remember to also burn off the belly fat so your body fat is low enough for those abs to show

Core Exercise for men#1 – The Inclined Bridge

Despite Man’s engineering advancements, building an inclined bridge is still beyond us. Bridges can
only be structured in a manner in which both ends are of the same height. The good news is this
particular exercise has shattered this limitation. Here’s how you perform it.

1) Get into the Sit-Up position (back nice and flat, knees bent)

2) Tighten your abs

3) Raise your hips until they’re in line with your shoulders and knees. And make sure your back
is straight as well. You’ll have adopted the position of an inclined bridge.

4) Hold for 3 counts

5) Lower yourself

6) Repeat till death… Ok fine… 15 reps.

This exercise isn’t particularly difficult to perform. But it’s an excellent warm up to prep yourself for
the self-inflicted torture session coming your way.

Core Exercise for men #2 – The Triple Attack Plank

I love this one. You’ll be doing the regular plank, coupled with 2 side planks to target your oblique.

1) Play “Welcome to the Jungle” on your iPod. Trust me. You’ll want to avoid focusing on how
much time has gone by. Guns N’ Roses will help you.

2) Adopt the plank position (rest your weight on your feet and forearms, keep your back

3) Hold for 45 seconds, screaming like Axl the whole way (or you could mouth Slash’s guitar

4) Drop down, and switch the left side plank position. Make sure your shoulder, hips and legs
are in line. Balance on your forearm, and hold for 45 more painful seconds.

5) Switch to the right side plank position. Same rules apply.

6) Congrats mate, that’s 1 set done. Only 2 more to go.

Core Exercise for men #3 – The Leg Raises 

Grossly underused, but highly effective, the leg raises is one of my staple core exercises. The reason
why it’s so underused is because it because it looks deceivingly easy. Not the way you’ll be doing it
from now on though.

1) Lie flat on your back – legs straightened out

2) Stretch your hands behind you, and hang on to the legs of a chair

3) Slowly lift your legs up till your thighs are perpendicular to your stomach – take 5 deliberate
seconds for this

4) Lower your legs slowly (once again, over a 5 second period)

5) 15 reps will be perfect

So there you go. 3 core exercises for men that are bound to shred your abs into shape. Now here’s
a secret for you: These core exercises are merely the tip of the iceberg. There are a number of other fantastic
core exercises you can perform (either as a supplement, or replacement) to get your desired results.

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Core workouts for men

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