3 Ab Exercises For Women Designed To Tone Your Stomach


In this article I will show you 3 Ab Workouts For Women Designed To Tone Your Stomach for flat, sexy abs.

I’ve met way too many women who shudder at the thought of showing some skin at the beach.
They fear the ridicule that’s associated with love handles and a pot belly. But a flat, sexy stomach
changes this. A set of well-toned abs that gleams in the sun is definitely every woman’s dream –
yours included. And I’ve got good news for you. Today, you’ll learn 3 ab exercises for women to
destroy every ounce of embarrassment you’ve been feeling. Before we get into that though, there’s
something you should know.

FACT: Because of subtle differences between a man and a woman’s abdominal muscle structure, a
core workout designed for “males” won’t be as effective for “females”. A woman generally has a longer waist. Furthermore, women tend to have a wider pelvis. Hence, the exercises you’ll be learning today will be catered to your needs.


best ab workouts for women

Ab Exercise For Women #1 – Rolling In The Deep

I’m not the biggest Adele fan around, but the song sure does make for a good exercise name. The
idea is simple. But first, logistics. You’ll need either an ab roller, or a large exercise ball. Add an
exercise mat to minimize abrasion. Now here’s how you perform this exercise:

1) Position the ball/roller in front of you, and kneel on the mat
2) Place your palms on the ball (grip the roller)
3) Keeping your back straight, roll away from your legs – your body will have stretched out, and
you’ll have adopted the “ladies’ push up position” (note: your final position will have you
balancing on the ball and your knees)
4) Roll back to the starting position
5) Repeat for 15 reps

Why does this ab exercise work? Simple. The stretching motion works the deepest muscle fibres.
And as an added bonus, the minimal hip movement keeps your back safe.

Ab Exercise For Women #2 – Don’t Dump The Ball Just Yet (The Super Crunch)

While this exercise will work for both genders, in actual fact it is slightly more beneficial to women
like you. You’ll find out why in a bit. But first… Don’t dump the exercise ball yet. You’ll need it for this
super crunch.

1) Sit on the exercise ball, and ensure your feet are flat on the floor
2) Slowly lie down – your back should be completely straight
3) To ensure your torso is firmly on the ball, you may have to “walk away” to roll the ball
slightly further up
4) It’s go time: Perform a crunch, but don’t rise all the way up. Stop at a 45 degree angle –
going beyond this is a waste of time as your muscle contraction will have reduced
5) Slowly return to the starting position
6) Repeat for 15 reps

So then, why is this ab workout particularly beneficial for women? Easy.

Remember what I said about women being generally longer “waisted”? Well, this implies that
your abdominal muscle is a tad longer than a guys’. Hence, by performing crunches on an
exercise ball, you’re allowing for a greater abdominal stretch; contracting your muscle fibres to
their full extent. Let’s get down to the 3rd and final exercise now, shall we?

Ab Exercise For Women #3 – Russian Twists

As the story goes, this exercise originated from the Soviet Union during an era when Stalin
demanded Goliath-like fitness standards from his soldiers. So their “fitness gurus” incorporated
this exercise in their regime.

1) Sit on the floor – back straight, feet off the ground. You should be balancing on your
2) Bend your knees for better balance
3) To perform, twist your upper torso to the left (with your hands following through the
motion) – followed by a twist to the right. You can perform this ab exercise holding a weight or just with your body weight.
4) Repeat for 10 reps per side

This is a very intense workout designed to push your tired muscles beyond their wildest dreams.
They’re difficult, yes. But keep your mind focused on the end result and you’ll be just fine.

So there you go. 3 fantastic ab exercises for women just like you. Play around with the reps to
find out what works for your body. If you like these ab exercises, you’ll love to see what’s been
prepared for you in this comprehensive resource designed to rip your abs into shape .






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